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The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) is an Executive Agency under the Ministry of Works, established under section 3(1) of the Executive Agencies Act (Cap 245) and came into operation in July, 2000. The Agency is responsible for the maintenance and development of the trunk and regional road network in Tanzania Mainland

Classified Road Network
The total classified road network in Tanzania Mainland is estimated to be 86,472 km based on the Road Act 2007. The Ministry of Works through TANROADS is managing the National road network of about 33,891 km comprising 12,786 km of Trunk and 21,105 km of Regional roads. The remaining network of about 53,460 km of Urban, District and Feeder Roads is under the responsibility of the Prime Minister’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG).

The National Road Network

The National Road Network consists of:

  • Trunk roads 12,786 km out of which 5,130 km are paved and 7,656 km are unpaved.
  • Regional Roads: 21,105 km out of which 840 km are paved and 20,265 km are unpaved.

Key Achievements after 10 years of TANROADS Existence

The network condition: The trunk and regional road condition has steadily improved due to the various maintenance interventions and development activities, which are carried out on the road network. The overall road condition assessment at the end of December 2010 indicated that 40% were good, 46% were fair and 14% were poor compared to 25% good40% fair and 35% poor in December 2001, when actual implementation of projects started.

Axle load Control (%): There was a decrease of overloaded vehicles from 40% in June 2000 to 6% in June 2009.

Road Upgrading/Rehabilitation: Between June 30th 2000 and June 30th 2009 a total of 912 km of Trunk and Regional Roads were upgraded/rehabilitated to bitumen standard.

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